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Closed Meetings are for AA members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and “have a desire to stop drinking.” Open meetings are available for anyone interested in the AA program of recovery from alcoholism. At either meeting participants are requested to confine their discussion to matters pertaining to recovery from alcoholism.

If you repeatedly drink more than you intend or want to, if you get into trouble, or if you have memory lapses when you drink, you may be an alcoholic. It’s a matter of whether your drinking is stopping you from leading the sort of life you want to lead.

  • (AA’s 7th tradition encourages groups to be self-supporting, declining outside contributions).
  • Intergroup supports nearly 2,500 meetings per week with schedules, newcomer information, support services, chips and literature, volunteer opportunities and more.
  • Welcome to AAHouston.org, the official website for Houston Intergroup Association.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship requiring no membership dues or fees dedicated to helping alcoholics peer to peer in sobriety through its spiritually inclined Twelve Steps program.
  • It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical, and available almost everywhere.
  • Whether you’re in recovery, seeking help from any addiction, family or friend, register for now.

Discover Kentucky alcoholics anonymous meetings per county or city, and take the next step to overcome alcohol addiction. In Grey’s Anatomy, AA plays a large role in the storylines of multiple characters. In season 6, Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) begins struggling with alcoholism and it is revealed that he has a history of alcohol addiction. AA and maintaining sobriety become an important part of Webber’s life throughout the rest of the series. Alcoholism, but more so drug addiction, is also heavily featured in the spin-off series Private Practice. In season 4, it is revealed that both Charlotte King and Amelia Shepherd have a history of problem drinking and narcotics addiction. This becomes the main theme in season 5 when Amelia relapses and begins using again following her friend’s suicide.


Broward county has a strong recovery community, and you are welcome here! We have meetings in multiple languages, and many meetings for men or women, young people and the LGBTQ community. Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who have found a solution to their drinking problem. It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical, and available almost everywhere. There are no age or education requirements, no dues or fees, nothing to sign, and AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about their drinking problem.

alcoholics anonymous

Taking part in an open AA Kentucky meeting can offer life changing inspiration to quit. Flight — a 2012 film starring Denzel Washington as an alcoholic airline pilot. The movie includes a dramatic representation of a prison AA meeting. An elementary school teacher’s drinking begins to interfere with her job, so she attempts to get sober in AA. You Kill Me – a 2007 crime-comedy film starring Ben Kingsley as a mob hit man with a drinking problem who is forced to accept a job at a mortuary and go to AA meetings. Come Back, Little Sheba – A 1952 film based on a play of the same title about a loveless marriage where the husband played by Burt Lancaster is an alcoholic who gets help from two members of the local AA chapter.

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A Walk Among the Tombstones , a mystery/suspense film based on Lawrence Block’s books featuring Matthew Scudder, a recovering alcoholic detective whose AA membership is a central element of the plot. In 1983, a review stated that the AA program’s focus on admission of having a problem increases deviant stigma and strips members of their previous cultural identity, replacing it with the deviant identity. A study based on observations of AA meetings warned of detrimental iatrogenic effects of twelve-step philosophy and concluded that AA uses many methods that are also used by cults. A later review disagreed, stating that AA’s program bore little resemblance to religious cult practices. In 1939, High Watch Recovery Center in Kent, Connecticut, was founded by Bill Wilson and Marty Mann. Sister Francis who owned the farm tried to gift the spiritual retreat for alcoholics to Alcoholics Anonymous, however citing the sixth tradition Bill W.

Turned down the gift but agreed to have a separate non-profit board run the facility composed of AA members. Bill Wilson and Marty Mann served on the High Watch board of directors for many years. High Watch was the first and therefore the oldest 12-step-based treatment center in the world still operating today.

As this tension is an integral part of AA, Rudy and Greil argue that AA is best described as a quasi-religious organization. AlcoholicsAnonymous.com is a referrer service that provides information about addiction treatment practitioners and facilities. AlcoholicsAnonymous.com is not a medical provider or treatment facility and does not provide medical advice. AlcoholicsAnonymous.com is not owned or operated by any treatment facility. AlcoholicsAnonymous.com does not endorse any treatment facility or guarantee the quality of care provided, or the results to be achieved, by any treatment facility. The information provided by AlcoholicsAnonymous.com is not a substitute for professional treatment advice. “Why some people swear by Sober living houses — and others despise it”.

AA is served entirely by alcoholics, except for seven “nonalcoholic friends of the fellowship” of the 21-member AA Board of Trustees. https://blogdev.mailnest.io/stages-of-alcohol-poisoning-its-causes-treatments/ AA sprang from the Oxford Group, a non-denominational, altruistic movement modeled after first-century Christianity.

alcoholics anonymous

All 12th Step calls that come to the Central Office are handed to sober AA members who have volunteered to handle these calls. It also maintains service centers, which coordinate activities such as printing literature, responding to public inquiries, and organizing conferences. Other International General Service Offices (Australia, Costa Rica, Russia, etc.) are independent of AA World Services in New York. In 1941, interviews on American radio and favorable articles in US magazines, including a piece by Jack Alexander in The Saturday Evening Post, led to increased book sales and membership.

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Meeting Guide users can suggest additions or corrections to meeting listings by using links provided within the app to contact the local service entity responsible for the information. Meeting Guide syncs with area, district, intergroup/central offices and international General Service Office websites (some of which are listed onA.A. Near You), relaying meeting information from more than 300 A.A. Over 100,000 weekly meetings are currently listed, and the information is refreshed twice daily. Click on “Phone Contact Numbers” in the menu above to contact different regions and intergroups in the state for more local information. Some groups are not listed on this website but may be on local meeting schedules. The regional focus of Massachusetts http://waegenuus.nl/?p=49617 excels members’ motivation beyond their expectations.

alcoholics anonymous

Closed AA Kentucky meetings are similar to open meetings, however are designed specifically for alcoholics or prospective Kentucky AA members (excluding non-alcoholics and non-prospective Kentucky AA members in KY). Membership is open to anyone interested in Kentucky Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

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A WorldCat search for materials authored by Alcoholics Anonymous and more specific divisions of the organization yields well over 500 results. How to Get Away with Murder also features a main character with substance use disorder issues, as a recurring theme. In Hill Street Blues, Captain Furillo (Daniel J. Travanti) is a regular member of AA and is shown several times in AA meetings. Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot – a 2018 biography/comedy/drama by Gus Van Sant, based on the life of cartoonist John Callahan. Bill W.– a 2011 biographical documentary film that tells the story of Bill Wilson using interviews, recreations, and rare archival material. Less than half were likely to recommend self-help groups to their clients.

alcoholics anonymous

The AA Kentucky meetings are based on an effective, self-supporting approach to problematic drinking. In addition, Sober living houses AA Kentucky provides a localized support system that influences sobering behavior changes that members desire.

(AA’s 7th tradition encourages groups to be self-supporting, declining outside contributions). Those listed as “closed” are available Alcohol detoxification to those with a self-professed “desire to stop drinking,” which cannot be challenged by another member on any grounds.

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After thirty days of working with Wilson, Smith drank his last drink on 10 June 1935, the date marked by AA for its anniversaries. Whether you’re in recovery, seeking help from any addiction, family or friend, register for now. You’ll get exclusive free access to Daily Meditations, Speaker Tapes and Daily Online Video AA / NA meetings. There are over 240,000 members who are willing to share their experience, strength and hope with YOU. While older studies did not show a correlation between being assigned to AA and better treatment outcomes, newer studies show that Alcoholics Anonymous significantly increases abstinence after treatment.

The Big Book suggests no program for these drinkers, but instead seeks to help drinkers without “power of choice in drink.” In the United States and Canada, AA meetings are held in hundreds of correctional facilities. The AA General Service Office has published a workbook with detailed recommendations for methods of approaching correctional-facility officials with the intent of developing an in-prison AA program. In addition, AA publishes a variety of pamphlets specifically for the incarcerated alcoholic. Additionally, the AA General Service Office provides a pamphlet with guidelines for members working with incarcerated alcoholics. Gabrielle Glaser used Dodes’ figures to state that AA has a low success rate in a 2015 article for The Atlantic, which says that better alternatives than Alcoholics Anonymous for alcohol treatment are available. The 2020 Cochrane review of Alcoholics Anonymous shows that AA results in more alcoholics being abstinent and for longer periods of time than some other treatments, but only as well in drinks-per-day and other measures.

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