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Writer=Quentin Tarantino;
Duration=165 M;
Resume=In the late 1850's, former dentist turned bounty hunter Dr King Schultz buys the freedom of a man named Django from a slave trader duo in a quest to find and kill some men he wants dead. Afterwards, Django sets out with help from Schultz to find and rescue his wife Broomhilda who like him was sold into slavery by an anonymous owner. Their journey takes them to a plantation called Candieland, owned by a ruthless tycoon. Also, they come to some suspicions of the head slave named Stephen;
average Rating=9,2 / 10 star;

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Good and bloody, and perfectly scripted for the Tarantino fan, i.e. the 6th grade educated. Cannot believe this movie won an Oscar, but then again it is the brain damaged Hollywood elitists giving out the awards. If you are a smart person, then do yourself a favor and avoid what the Oscar committee deems as appropriate and worthy of accolades. This is a horrible movie; but it is a watchable comedy. Foxx does as good a job as he could teamed with the overacting and starvingly fabulous Christopher Waltz who milks every dry scene for nonexistent emotion from the Tarantino audience. People who admire gratuitous violence normally aren’t sitting for two hours to engage in the dialogue. The shoot outs are over the top if you’re into the Grindhouse genre, a la the latest Rambo. But face it folks, Tarantino is given free reign from the ignorant masses to be as grotesque and violent as he wants, as long as he blames the entire South on the way Jamie Foxx’s love interest is treated (along with all the blacks) in pre-Civil War America. Then Hollywood can be as racist and as violent as they want to be, and you’ll pay to go see once blaming the director for the sick feeling you feel, but blaming all the white people in the movie. Clever, if you’re an idiot.

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After Django Unchained it became clear that Quentin Tarantino has been on his way to make movies in every genre he liked while working in the video rental in his early days. Just think of this sequence: Kill Bill, Death Proof, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained.
Anyhow, the photography has been wonderful again, the colors warm and the actors dressed smart. The script is Tarantino’s ego tripping and leading nowhere, but there have been enough splatter scenes to keep the audience amused. Christopher Waltz has been great again, the rest of the cast less so.
And there we reach the same old mystery surrounding Tarantino’s work. An army of connoisseurs tried to explain the higher plane of his output. In the case of Django Unchained, the message is supposedly anti-racist and elevated to the level of some ultimate anti-slavery pamphlet. Strange, since from his interviews i understood that Quentin Tarantino has been a movie buff and has been making movies that he himself would like to watch. I haven’t been able to detect any higher meaning there…

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