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Chris Hemsworth /
116 min /
Sam Hargrave /
release Date: 2020 /
Writed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

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Movie extraction.
It represents Dhaka as terrorist sically Bangladesh is a peaceful country.i don’t find any thing without violence in this
It has good action scene but overall it is the worst.
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Action level high, Mind blowing action! 🔥🔥
lots of love from Bangladesh @Chris Harmsworth ❤.
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Underworld of weapons dealers and traffickers, a young boy becomes the pawn in a war between notorious drug lords. Trapped by kidnappers inside one of the world’s most impenetrable cities, his rescue beckons the unparalleled skill of a mercenary named Tyler Rake. But Rake is a broken man with nothing to lose, harboring a death wish that makes an already deadly mission near impossible.
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People of kangladesh are giving 1 cause the movie should have shown Bangladesh like dubai. br>
Believe me brother watch the movie and rate yourself.
Trying to establish Dhaka as negetive. Dhaka is far more better than the show. Meanwhile worst vfx.
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Movie extraction 2020 in hindi.
So Tylor killed nearly hundreds of innocent police and armies for money first, then for the boy. And all police and armies work for a drug lord? Seriously? This is not Africa, Mexico or Russia.
The town they showed doesn’t match at all with actual Dhaka. Even Dhaka doesn’t have gangster like that.
No proper road? Only slums? Child as criminals? What the hell is this? What a miss representation!
They didn’t even shoot the movie in Dhaka, at least they could visit here.
Shame on Russo Brothers.

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