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  • Writed by – Guy Ritchie, Marn Davies
  • Star – Michelle Dockery
  • genre – Comedy
  • Audience Score – 120546 vote
  • release Year – 2019

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The gentlemen movie watch for free.
Our 2nd new Movie of the year was so opposite to Little Women in character but turned out just as enjoyable in a very different way.
My Review – The Gentleman. My Rating 8.5 /10
The trailers for The Gentlemen doesn’t give a lot away and either will my Review except to say if you enjoyed the classic black comedy In Bruges (2008) with Colin Farrell,who is one of “The Gentlemen ” or Guy Ritchie’s “The Snatch “2000 you should really enjoy this film.
If really full on swearing especially the ‘C” word offends you ( it doesn’t bother me at all if it fits the characters but it may not be your cup of tea.
There is violence more implied and not graphic and the plots fast paced and convoluted but it’s so clever and original and very very funny in parts.
I’m really looking forward to seeing it again to catch up on a few plot lines that passed me by.
The performances are all top class especially Hugh Grant who I’ve never considered a really great actor but I’ve change my mind after today.
In fact his performances in the last few films he’s been in like A Very English Scandal and Paddington 2 up until The Gentlemen I would say have been his best acting roles.
He is cast in The Gentlemen as Fletcher a Private Investigator trying to fleece 20 million from a British gangster hit man cartel. Hugh Grant’s performance in my opinion is the funniest detective role to come along since Peter Sellers Chief Inspector Clouseau. He’s brilliant as the very camp cunningly conniving Fletcher and his East end drawl is incredibly clever acting.
Often fine performances are due to a good director and Guy Ritchie who directed and wrote the screenplay for The Gentlemen has excelled in this film.
I enjoyed this more than the recent “Knives Out ” film which was very good but The Gentlemen I think is in a Class similar to the late Blake Edwards at his best.
The other stand out performances are from Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Pearson an American expat who became rich by building a marijuana empire in London.
A Simplified version of the plot is that when word gets out that Mickey is looking to cash out his business,it soon triggers an array of plots and schemes from those who want his fortune.
Michelle Dockery completely buries any vision of herself as Lady Mary from Downton Abbey in the Gentlemen in her role as Mickey’s wife and business partner with a hot gangster moll outfit and figure to match and some red hot lines to match,she’s sensational in this role.
In fact all the performances are good we see Henry Golding step out of his nice Asian dude character from Crazy Rich Asians and an angel in Last Christmas to play Dry Eye a young gangster protege trying to take over the territory from his Uncle Wang Young. Harlie Hunam as Raymond and Colin Farrell as Coach also give stand out performances
I was really surprised and delighted by how much I enjoyed The Gentlemen and look forward to seeing it again.

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Richie’s best film since snatch. Hugh Grant gives his best performance. He is simply brilliant, funny, little camp, but deadly. Go and watch ASAP.